smoke alarms

Why is my Smoke Alarm beeping?

Why is my Smoke Alarm beeping? When your smoke alarm emits that unmistakable beep, it’s not just a nuisance—it’s a signal demanding your attention, so please don’t ignore it. Your safety is the number one priority, so it’s important to investigate these alerts now to ensure your smoke alarms are working properly to protect you in the future should a fire occur. This article is here to guide you through troubleshooting potential causes of your false alarms. However, if the

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Do I need to clean my Smoke Alarms?

Do I need to clean my Smoke Alarms? Short answer, yes. Cleaning your smoke alarms, while often overlooked, is a vital task that could save your life. Whilst these small devices tend to disappear into the backdrop of our-day-to-day, their role in alerting us to potential fire hazards cannot be overstated. Ensuring your smoke alarms are clean and properly maintained is crucial to ensure they remain effective and reliable. Only working smoke alarms save lives. How regularly should I be cleaning

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Buying and Installing Smoke Alarms on the Sunshine Coast, QLD

What does a smoke alarm do? Smoke Alarms alert you to the presence of smoke within a property. This may seem obvious but it’s not uncommon for smoke detectors, fire alarms, sprinkler systems and so on to all be lumped together as the same type of thing. So to be specific, a smoke alarm is a safety device that detects the presence of smoke and sounds an alarm to alert people within the property of potential danger from smoke and

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