Cavius Smoke Alarms

The preferred choice for home sellers, homeowners, property managers, landlords and sales agents.

Of all the systems installed by Coast Smoke Alarms, Cavius represents the best value for money. A Danish brand established in 2011, focused on technology and aesthetics, these discrete and visually-pleasing alarms have an optimal chamber size and fire detection algorithm for early smoke detection and fewer false alarms. Australia’s smallest smoke alarms, Cavius specialise in an unmatched combination of technology and style.

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Cavius have a world-class team of designers, engineers, researchers and project managers bringing their product range to life. They apply meticulous attention to detail and have spent ten years refining their smoke alarm systems, developing unparalleled technology which has been combined with the highest quality materials and manufacturing. This has resulted in not only a more aesthetically pleasing smoking alarm, but a safer one too. These alarms have been designed with the harsh Australian environment in mind. They have a humidity tolerance of 95% and temperature tolerance range of -10°C to 70°C. This tolerance is combined with two levels of mesh screening to minimise insect and dust contamination – reducing the potential for false alarms.

With a 10-year warranty for the full lifespan of the smoke alarm, it’s little wonder we’ve found Cavius to be the preferred choice of protection for home sellers, home owners, landlords and property managers. There are over 2 million units installed worldwide, protecting people in over 30 countries.


The custom components, unique software and increased accuracy of Cavius products makes them the ideal smoke alarm choice.

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