Emerald Alarm Controller

The Emerald Smoke Alarm Controller provides an effortless method of testing, silencing and locating triggered smoke alarms without the need to reach up to the alarms on the ceiling.

The Smoke Alarm Controller:

  • Tests interconnected RF Smoke Alarms
  • Locates and silences RF Smoke Alarms in the event of a false alarm. This function allows you to identify and make a note of the triggering alarm
  • Provide a low battery warning
  • No need for wiring, 10YR Lithium Battery powered
  • Only one controller is needed in the property

The Emerald Smoke Alarm Controller works with RF models from the Ranger & Vulcan Emerald Alarms series. The controller does not work with other smoke alarm brands.

Terms and Conditions
Purchase of this controller is mandatory for all Emerald Alarms upgrades and is a one-off purchase.
The smoke alarm controller is NOT included in our annual subscription packages and will not be serviced or have batteries replaced following its installation.
Coast Smoke Alarms are not liable for the replacement of lost or damaged controllers. Replacements will be charged at $40.
The controller will be installed in a position deemed best by our electrician unless otherwise requested by the landlord.